Rhetoric “Al-Balāgha” – (Arabic: البلاغة)

The importance of al-balāgha for anyone serious about understanding, interpreting and contextualising the Qur’an and its early commentaries, ḥadīth and its early commentaries, and classical jurisprudential (fiqhi), theological, philosophical and literary texts is widely recognised. ʿIlm al-balāgha is undoubtedly one of the most important subjects that no serious student of Arabic and Islamic studies should be denied of the opportunity to learn, master and enjoy.

Who are the classes for?

  • Those with working knowledge of Arabic language and grammar
  • Advanced students of Arabic language who wish to explore the rich variety of classical Arabic literary culture
  • Native Arabic speakers who never had the opportunity to study classical Arabic balāgha, or those who wish to refresh their knowledge.