Quran Sciences “Ulûm Al-Quran”- (ARABIC: علوم القرآن)

The Quran the vital center of Islam. For this reason, every Muslim should know the basics of what is called “the Qur’anic Sciences,” or, in its original Arabic, Ulûm Al-Quran.

What Are “The Qur’anic Sciences”?

The phrase “Qur’anic Sciences” has two technical meanings.

The first is obvious: It is the field of all the sciences, or branches of learning, whose subject of study is the Quran, from any particular approach. Tafsîr (exegesis or explication of the Quran), tajwîd (correct recitation and enunciation of the Quran), and qira’ât (variant accepted recitations of the Quran), are a few constituents of this field.

The second technical meaning of the designation “Qur’anic Sciences” is any particular one of these “sciences” dedicated to the study of some aspect of the Quran on its own, again like tafsîrtajwîd, qira’ât, etc., but individually.



ʻUlum Al-Qur’an Defined

A formal definition of “the Qur’anic Sciences” is as follows: “Topics relating to the Quran in terms of how it was revealed; its order of revelation; how it was gathered; how it is to be written, recited, and explained; its miraculousness; what verses are abrogated, defending against doubts about the Quran, and other such Quran-related topics.”