Quran Memorization

Quran memorization course in iTalkArabic is very beneficial for those who want to start memorizing Quran classes online without forgetting it. This course is suitable for those who can read Arabic easily in a proper way. So if you can just read Arabic, even without understanding, you can enroll in this course Quran tutor will take it step by step with you.

Your tutor will read the verse with Tajweed (in a proper way) and then he will ask you to repeat after him. He will do this process many times till you can read the verse clearly without obvious mistakes. Then he will start the following verse, read it and you will repeat after him, and so on.

Classes are taken at your suitable time.

A.) Memorizing the last 30 Surahs.

B.) Memorizing some selected Surahs chosen by the tutor.

C.) Memorizing the whole Quran.